English summary

FestiBorg is a theatre festival gathering the best of European theatre today; offering new drama, new innovative theatre, interactive theatre, performances, concerts, workshops, networks and parties. It will take place at Kulåsparken in Sarpsborg, Norway from the 15th to the 21th of August 2016.

FestiBorg is on one hand an arena where the audience will experience theatre that mirrors the times we are living in – politically, aesthetically or both – with advancing ideas that are relevant for, and that can affect our generation.

On the other hand it is a hub and a meeting place for enthusiastic, often young creative artists from all over the Nordic countries. Through events like “Hjemmealenefest “ (‘The home-alone party’) and workshops, and by establishing a sense of community at the festival camp, we wish to create an unpretentious arena where the performers together can reflect, discuss, play and create.

FestiBorg is a week-long festival, where the audience and the artists performing at the festival experience theatre and concerts together, create art and live together in a park in Sarpsborg. The first three days (Monday 15 to Wednesday 17) there will be workshops for professional actors and young people. The festival will be officially open for everybody Wednesday 17. From Wednesday 17 to Saturday 20, there will be three to four different performances every day, in addition to concerts, improv theatre, events and dancing in the evenings.

This is the third time FestiBorg is held in Sarpsborg, and this year it coincides with the celebration of the city’s millennium, which means that Sarpsborg will be packed with activities during the festival.

FestiBorg is aiming to curate socially aware performances that also are of interest to a young audience. We work to plant a seed that will grow into a glowing local theatre community, and we wish to move, enlighten, engage and entertain all ages with quality theatre, so as to make theatre a beloved place to be – driven by our vision “Theatre should be like a home-alone party.”

Info about Hjemmealenefest/Home-alone-party

FestIBorg seeks playwrights, directors and actors to this years “Home-alone-party”.

The “Home-alone-party” will open the whole Festiborg. The recipe is easy: four playwrights, four directors and 16 actors will be divided into four groups. In 48 hours each group is to make one 15 minutes long performance, based on a dealt (distributed) news, and some frames, also kalled “benspen”, for the work.

We want you on the team!

This is how you apply:

Send name, date of birth and CV with picture (in pdf-format), together with tre sentences about why you want to participate, to hjemmealenefest@gmail.com before May 1st 2016. You need to have relevant higher education or equivalent work experience, or complete this within the summer of 2016.

Participation is not payd, but we will cover the cheapest way of travel to and from the festival. All participants will be offered a place to put a tent at the festival camp. During the “Home-alone-party” you will be offered free food from the festival. Additionally the participants can purchase the festival pass for half the price. We very much hope the participants have the oportunity to stay and participate during the whole festival.

Homealoneparty kicks off in Sarpsborg, a city just south of Oslo, Norway, from August 15th to 17th 2016, with premiere August 17th in the evening. Check in for the participants of “home-alone-party” is in Sarpsborg the morning of August 15th, or the night before.

For questions send a mail to hjemmealenefest@gmail.com